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White Glove California
A California corporation founded in 1983, Shotgun Delivery has grown to a fleet of over 90 vehicles offering a full range of messenger and courier services
Founded by Betty and Lenny Farin, Shotgun Delivery has become the leader in the same day delivery business in the San Francisco Bay area.
Every time you put your delivery in our hands, to some extent, you put your business on the line. And when the package doesn’t get there, you have to answer the questions. That’s why we pride ourselves on our track record of on-time deliveries and proactive package management.
We’re not going to claim we’re perfect, but more than 98% of the time, we meet our deadlines. And in the rare event when we don’t, generally due to unforeseen circumstances, we do something novel and almost unheard of—we hold ourselves accountable.
At Shotgun Delivery, we’re committed to providing you with couriers who will represent your business well at the other end of the delivery. Our drivers pride themselves on their professionalism. In fact, we hire to a specific service profile and carefully screen anyone who is a driver candidate.
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